Digital coupons Cosmetic When it comes to health, digital is everywhere, says NHS Digital team

When it comes to health, digital is everywhere, says NHS Digital team

With the NHS Digital platform launching next week, the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) team is making the most of the new technology to get the latest information to staff, patients and patients’ families.

In a briefing to staff and patient representatives on Thursday, the team discussed how the new platform will enable them to better communicate with patients and family members about care.

The new digital health system will also help staff and patients better understand the health needs of their patients, they said.

It will also allow the NHS to share more information about health needs across all of its organisations, including the NHS and its partners, such as GP surgeries, hospital trusts, charities and universities.

HSCic also has plans to roll out a new digital medicine app for its patient and family contact centre, which will allow patients to get information on medical treatment and care.

The app will enable patients to share their care needs with family and friends through social media.

Digital health technology, such an infrared thermometers and digital footprint, are vital to making accurate diagnoses and providing timely information to patients and families.

The new system will help to deliver the best care for all patients and their families, said Professor Jonathan Taylor, chair of the HSCIC team.

“Digital is everywhere,” he said.

“The digital footprint is essential, as it is vital to understanding the care we receive.”

Digital is important, said the HCCI chief executive, Dr Sarah Lewis, as well as the wider healthcare system, as a way of making sure care is delivered in a way that is more effective.

“This will help us deliver the highest quality of care for our patients,” she said.

The HSCI is working with other health and social care providers to bring the new digital system to more people.

The team is also working with universities to improve the delivery of digital health technology across the health system, including by working with departments to provide digital access for faculty and students.