Digital coupons Cosmetic How to read the word ‘digital divide’ in Hindi

How to read the word ‘digital divide’ in Hindi

Digital divide: How to use Google Translate and Google Transcription to find out the differences between the Hindi words that come up in the English version of Google Translator.


“I am happy.

I am happy”2.

“You are not happy”3.


“Where are you?”5.

“Do you want to go?”6.


No, no, no.”7.

“Who are you to say that?”8.

“Go to India”9.


Yes, yes.”10.

“Can you take me to India?”11.


“Thank you.”13.


I appreciate you.”14.

“Is this true?”15.

“Not exactly.




That’s it.”17.

“How do I find out what the difference is?”18.

“Hindi has a different set of rules.”19.

“Are they the same?


They are not.”20.

“They are the same.”