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Digital Oral Thermometer (DOT) – Digital Oral Thermalometer (DNPT)

Digital Oral Temperature (DOTS) is a digital oral thermometers that are ideal for the digital oral health (DOH) industry.DOTS use digital chips that are embedded with thermometers to measure oral temperature and oral moisture.DOT are a patented technology that can measure oral temperatures of 0.2-1.4 degrees Celsius.

Dots are currently in use in healthcare settings in India, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, China, Japan and India.

Dottas are also used in a range of consumer products including dentures, toothbrushes, mouthwash and cosmetics.

The dental health industry has been rapidly evolving over the last few years and this is one area that is currently attracting attention from manufacturers and consumers.

The dental industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world.

It employs a significant number of dental professionals, including dentists, optometrists, oral health specialists and dentists who are in a globalized market with over 5 billion people worldwide.

Dot is a novel dental thermometer with patented technologies and capabilities that are enabling dental professionals and consumers to monitor oral temperature accurately and accurately in the context of the health care industry.

The device can be used in any setting, and is a universal device with the ability to be used with any device.

It is also possible to measure the oral temperature with a device that is a combination of dental thermometers, oral thermomatometers, dental thermographs and dental oral pressure sensors.

The devices are used to monitor the oral cavity for oral infections, and to identify the most likely site of oral infection.

Donta is currently in the development phase, but has already received FDA approval for sale.

Dota is a new dental thermocouple sensor with the capability to be placed in a water or saline solution.

The sensor can be positioned in a standard dental toothbrush, oral temperature sensor, or any other device that can be placed into a water/salt solution.

The sensor can also be placed within the mouth.

The sensors can be connected to a handheld device or a computer, allowing users to monitor their oral temperature.DOTA is currently being tested on a number of different products in India and other countries.