Digital coupons Fashion Which US cities are the digital hubs?

Which US cities are the digital hubs?

Digital marketing company Create Digital Signature has found that cities with large and thriving digital marketing operations are some of the top digital hubs in the country.

The company has analyzed the top 50 digital marketing areas for cities in the United States and found that they are among the top five cities in terms of overall digital revenue growth. 

The top five digital marketing regions are: San Francisco, Seattle, San Jose, Boston, and Washington D.C. As the report shows, San Francisco is in the top 10.

Seattle, Boston and Washington, D., also come in at number five, but it’s not the biggest markets in terms, of overall revenue growth, since each of those markets also has a large digital marketing operation. 

In the digital advertising space, there are seven markets in the report: Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Orlando, San Antonio and San Diego.

San Francisco and Washington were also in the bottom three for digital advertising revenue growth over the past five years. 

New York, Washington D., Boston and Orlando were in the middle of the pack. 

“Our research has shown that New York and New Jersey, both large cities with thriving digital advertising operations, are among a number of cities with strong digital marketing performance,” Create Digital says in the release.

“In terms of digital revenue, New York is a top five city in terms with digital revenue per resident.

New Jersey is a mid-tier city with a relatively low digital revenue but it has consistently seen high digital revenues per capita.”