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How to help the ‘digital ally’ in a Trump administration

On Monday, President Donald Trump will sign a sweeping new executive order designed to make the United States the “digital ally” in the fight against global terrorism.

It’s one of the most sweeping actions the administration has taken in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks in November.

Trump has promised to use the new order to crack down on terrorism, and he’s pledged to make it harder for Americans to travel abroad.

The order also calls for creating “a national digital platform for information sharing, analysis, and education” and to “support and empower law enforcement agencies in the effort to combat cyberterrorism.”

This week, the president also signed an executive order that makes it easier for individuals to register to vote, create a federal database of Americans who have been the subject of cyberattacks, and increase the federal government’s ability to monitor foreign internet communications.

“We’re going to make this the digital ally of the United State,” Trump said in a speech in New York last week.

The Trump administration’s plan to make America a digital ally comes at a time when Trump’s administration is struggling to find a strategy to fight the Islamic State, which has been responsible for a wave of deadly attacks around the world.

While the U.S. government has been fighting IS in Iraq and Syria for more than a year, the terrorist group has been losing ground and losing territory, which is why the president is proposing a new executive action.

In the past year, more than 100 people have been killed in a series of coordinated attacks on the U