Digital coupons Fashion How to play ‘GTA’ on Google Play – Part 1

How to play ‘GTA’ on Google Play – Part 1

Here are the steps to get ‘Gta’ on Android.

Step 1.

Install ‘Galoons’ app from Google Play.

Open the app.

(Go to Settings>Play Store).

(Scroll down to the bottom).

Tap on the ‘Play Store’ button and then tap on the option to add a new app.

Now, in the search field, type ‘Gran Turismo 6’ and click ‘Add New App’.

Now tap on ‘Add a new title’ and then enter the title of your app.

Now click on ‘Select’ and enter ‘Gravity Rush’.

Now, enter the app name as ‘Gorilla Games’.

Now tap ‘Add’ and the app will be installed.

Note: If the app doesn’t appear, then tap the ‘Add More’ button in the bottom left of the app, and then click on the menu icon to navigate to the Google Play Store.

Step 2.

Install the game via the Play Store (US).

Open a browser.

(You can find it here:

Step 3.

Open the app and navigate to it’s main page.

(Open the menu in the top right).

Tap the Play icon in the lower left.

Step 4.

Go to the ‘Settings’ section.

(Scroll left down to find ‘App permissions’).

Step 5.

Check ‘Enable content sharing’.

(Under ‘Privacy’, select ‘Allow content sharing’).

Step 6.

Go back to the main page and tap the play button.

Now, go back to your ‘Settings’, and check ‘Allow sharing’.