Digital coupons Digital product Dakota digital thermometers can’t measure temperatures well, state says

Dakota digital thermometers can’t measure temperatures well, state says

DAKOTA, N.D. (AP) Digital thermometers are still in use in some states and in some areas, but they don’t accurately measure temperatures.

Dakota Digital says it’s working to improve those and other digital thermometry capabilities and will continue to add features.

The Dakota Digital Corp. said Thursday it is updating its digital thermograph and other devices to better recognize changes in the environment and climate.

Dakota Digital is developing digital thermography sensors for the Dakota Digital Digital Plus series of digital digital digital thermocouples.

Digital thermocouple technology uses sensors to measure the temperature of an object and is used for a variety of applications, including measuring temperatures in cars and appliances.

Dot-Dot Corp., a digital sensor company, said in a news release that it is making additional improvements to its digital thermostat.

The company said it is working to make its digital temperature sensors more sensitive to changes in air temperature and humidity.

The company said its digital temperatures will be able to detect changes in humidity and temperature.

Dota Digital said it will offer a suite of new sensors that can measure humidity, moisture, temperature, and humidity levels.