Digital coupons Digital product The Canon Digital Camera Company’s slate digital camera line may be a year away from launch

The Canon Digital Camera Company’s slate digital camera line may be a year away from launch

On Thursday, Canon announced the release of its slate digital cameras, which will offer a number of features that make it easier for photographers to get a great image and for people to do their jobs.

The new digital cameras are priced at $1,399, the same price as the entry-level entry-class Canon EOS-1D X. There are two versions of the new cameras, the Canon EIS-100 and Canon EISM-1.

The EIS is a full-frame sensor that will work with the current crop of Canon digital cameras that includes the Canon 50D and 50D EIS, the D800, the EOS 10D and the Epson DPX-SX-1, and the Canon 7D Mark II.

The EIS has an ISO range of 100 to 2,500, an effective resolution of 2,100 by 3,200 pixels, and a dynamic range of ISO 400 to 1,600.

It has a built-in AF system, a wide-angle lens, a high-speed autofocus system, and optical image stabilization.

The camera has a 16-megapixel CMOS sensor that has an overall pixel size of 1.6 x 1.3 inches and a pixel density of 1,280 pixels per inch.

The sensor has a maximum ISO of ISO 3,600, and can capture 4K video at up to ISO 25,600 or up to 4K at 60 frames per second.

The Canon E IS-100 has a 3,000-dot autofocusing system and a 120° viewfinder with manual focus.

The lens is a 15-millimeter, 1.7-inch F1.8-4.2 zoom lens that has a wide angle of view of 58 degrees.

The image sensor has an image sensor size of 128 x 72.4 pixels, a pixel count of 1/16th of a million, and an effective pixel size that is 8 megapixels.

The focal length of the camera is a 21.1-millimetre f/4.5-5.6 aperture, and it has an effective focal length that is 1.8 times longer than a comparable entry-grade DSLR.

The range of aperture is f/8 to f/16, and there is a front-facing camera with a 20.2-millisecond exposure time.

There is a video stabilization system that allows the camera to lock on to objects for up to five seconds.

The first Canon digital camera is the EIS100, which is priced at £799 and is available to preorder now from Canon.

The company also announced that it will be launching its next line of digital cameras on September 1.

Canon is selling the Canon EF-S 100mm f/1.2 L IS USM Lens for £999 and the EF-M 100mm F/1 L IS IS UST Lens for $1.299.

These new cameras will be priced at about $1/purchase and will have a minimum order of $5,999.

The EF-m 100mm lens will be available in November and the other new Canon digital lenses are priced between $2,499 and $4,999, but the prices are lower than the entry level price of $1 of the EISO100.

The digital cameras have the same size, weight, and resolution as the current Canon digital SLRs and DSLRs, but they will have slightly smaller sensors and a larger image sensor.

They also have a smaller field of view, which can make it hard to get an image with the right exposure for a close-up photo.

They have the most pixels in a camera body, which makes them less efficient than other cameras in the same class, but that is not a dealbreaker when you consider the amount of pixels that you will need to shoot with.

There are also a number different color choices available, and Canon is including a number in the price of the digital cameras.

The Canon EF 100mm-equivalent f/2.8 L IS IIUS is $1 (US$1.07), the EF 100-equivalent f/3.5 L IS L USM is $2.99 (US $2) and the Sony 200-equivlent f.5.5L USM lens is $3.99.

There will also be a Canon EF 150mm-exposure f/5.0L UST lens for $4.99 and a Canon Canon EF 200mm f.2.4L IS II USM zoom for $8.99, and they are available in either black or white.

The black and white cameras have a maximum aperture of f/6.8 and a maximum shutter speed of 1 second.

Canon says the two cameras will work well together, with one having a wide enough aperture to capture good close-ups and one having an f/11 maximum