Digital coupons Mobile phone Amazon orders $6.2 billion worth of digital goods for Christmas

Amazon orders $6.2 billion worth of digital goods for Christmas

The world’s biggest online retailer on Wednesday ordered $6 billion worth in digital goods this year, the largest single order ever made by Amazon and the company’s fastest pace of orders in years.

The company’s biggest order so far this year was a $1.6 billion order for Kindle e-readers from Barnes & Noble.

It’s also in the middle of a $3.2 million order for $500 Amazon gift cards, and it’s ordered $1 billion worth more than ever in the past year. 

Amazon said in a blog post that the bulk of its order came in the form of physical goods like books, video games, audio CDs and toys, and that it also is ordering in goods from Amazon Prime members.

The new orders mark Amazon’s biggest sales push since it took over the world’s largest bookstore chain, Kobo.

Kobo is also seeing an uptick in orders for its Kindle eReaders and the Kindle Fire tablet, as its Kindle Prime memberships grow. 

In February, Kibbie’s online bookstore said it had sold nearly 6 million Kindle eBooks and that the company had sold 1.5 million eBooks in December alone.

Amazon says it will also continue to expand its digital sales for Kindle users.

It plans to invest $10 billion over the next year to expand and expand its Kindle store to more than 3 million locations.

It said it plans to make the digital Kindle store available in more than 100 countries by the end of 2020. 

Kobo said Wednesday that it plans on offering Kindle devices in more locations by the start of next year.