Digital coupons Fashion What we know about the new NFL digital video ad system

What we know about the new NFL digital video ad system

Digital video ad revenue has been steadily declining for the last two years.

It is down 8.3% year-over-year in the quarter ended September 30, 2018, according to a new report by Nielsen.

In 2018, digital video advertising revenue fell 2.4% to $8.2 billion.

The biggest decline was in the video game ad space, where revenue dropped 6.7%.

The loss was primarily attributed to video games and mobile gaming, but it also included revenue from traditional TV advertising, which fell 2%.

Digital video ad sales declined 8.1% year over year, the biggest drop since 2011, according the Nielsen report.

Digital video advertising is the most-used medium for advertising online, and it accounts for about 30% of all digital ad revenue.

The loss of ad revenue to digital video is attributed in part to the slow adoption of the new TV ad system.

But it also shows that the video ad market is still in its infancy.

“This new digital video video ad is a big change,” said Tim Clark, digital media analyst at Forrester Research.

“We think that it will help the digital ad market and we think it will continue to grow.”