Digital coupons Cosmetic This year’s digital marketing salary guide is out and it’s worth your time

This year’s digital marketing salary guide is out and it’s worth your time

Digital marketing has become a lucrative industry in Australia and across the globe.

As of January 2017, digital marketing professionals earned $17,000 per year, which equates to around $8,000 for the average digital marketing professional.

Here are the top digital marketing salaries in Australia in 2018.

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article The average digital campaign in Australia has an estimated budget of $10.8 million.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there were 8,958,000 digital campaigns completed in the year, and around 80% of those were for social media.

For digital marketing, that means that more than half the digital campaigns in Australia were for Facebook and Twitter.

The most popular social media platforms in Australia are Facebook and Instagram.

The average campaign cost in Australia is $9.4 million.

Here is a breakdown of digital marketing industries.

Source Digital marketing is becoming a booming industry in the digital space.

While digital advertising is still king, digital advertising campaigns are becoming a lot cheaper and more effective.

The best place to start is by doing research online, so it’s best to use Google or any other search engine.

The more you know, the more profitable your digital marketing campaign will be.