Digital coupons Mobile phone Australia’s ‘digital gold’ may be worth a lot more than you think

Australia’s ‘digital gold’ may be worth a lot more than you think

A digital thermometers could be worth $2bn, a digital marketing company says.

Digital Globe’s CEO Mark Condon told the ABC the company was developing a “digital gold” that would deliver a “world-class” service and would help digital businesses to become more profitable.

Digital globe uses data from the internet and mobile devices to create a digital thermograph, which measures the temperature in the air.

“The thermometer is the key, the key is that it’s really precise, the thermometer goes up and down, the data is there,” Mr Condon said.

“So it’s all about precision.”

Digital Globe is building its own digital thermography technology that will be used in a range of digital products.

Mr Congo said it would also help businesses in the supply chain to track the progress of a project.

“We’re actually working on some products, which we’re going to be able to deliver in the near future,” he said.

Mr Vazquez said the digital thermogram would have an “immense potential”.

“It will allow us to be more efficient in the delivery of our services and more accurate in our predictions,” he told the National Press Club.

“It is the future of digital thermometry.”

Digital thermometers are already available in Australia and around the world, and the technology is being used to measure temperature in a variety of products.

But Mr Vaudas said the company had to take the technology seriously.

“I don’t know how many times we’ve said to the Australian Government, ‘I’m not a thermometer, I’m not making money from thermometers’,” he said, “I’m doing my job’.”